Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Dendrochronologists study the age and history of trees by counting and observing tree rings. Well, we didn't count all the rings of this giant oak tree, but can guess that it is far older than any of us. The children enjoyed using their magnifying glasses to look at all the ants, plants, and life that still existed on this fallen tree near Pen Park. Now this is incredible: while we were examining the tree we found a necklace in it- yes, the tree had engulfed it, amazing! 

Library Gem
It turns out that one of my all time favorite authors, Margaret Atwood, also write the occasional kids book. She wrote, illustrated Up in the Tree and set the type. Ms. Atwood is my hero! This book was great to read out-loud to the kids. They giggled at many of the pages and had me read it twice- always a good sign!

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