Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Visit with My Twin Niece and Nephew

My 2.5 year old niece and nephew visited for a week in May. They are real nature lovers; we had a blast going to parks, swimming, feeding the chickens, playing with the cat and dog, and gardening. They were such good little helpers in the garden! I ordered 4 cubic yards of compost from Panorama Paydirt and they helped me spread it all around... Emily has the most amazing eyes- O.M.G. she is stunning!

Back to the Blog with Pond Portraits

Thank you so much to the reader who prompted me to keep posting! It has been a very long time since I've posted and now I must catch up on two months worth of nature adventures that I've been having. I've been spending time teaching nature classes to toddlers and their parents, gardening, working on a farm, and relaxing by my little fish pond. The pond is such an amazingly thriving ecosystem. We have gold fish, frogs and flowering waterlillies. Every year these forest toads come to mate, lay eggs, and next thing we know the pond is wriggling with tadpoles, which metamorph into these teeny tiny toads that are only about one centimeter long. 
I found this tiny hatchling around the neighborhood pond and was hoping that it would take up residence at my little water feature. It swam around a while, but didn't want to stick around, so I returned it to its home. Just as well, he would have grown large and eaten all the fish.  

Craft Show Spectacular

The Spring Bada Bing show in Richmond was such a blast. I just adored my fellow vendors and hope to do more shows like it in the future. I was especially tickled when I got this photo and lovely note from one of my customers a few days later, she said:
You have no idea how much my little Ella LOVES her loopy doll. She loves snuggling with it frequently! Here they are the night of Spring Ba Da Bing...sound asleep.

My hubby made these modular plywood trees and little houses as displays for the dolls and puppets. I'm so happy with how they came out. Hoooray! I am super stoked that the crazy octopus Loopy, Deer boy, and most of the finger puppets sold.